Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12 NIV

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Think I Will Be a Good Wife and Mom.

I know, that sounds slightly odd. But I really think I will be.

Let me explain.

For a long time, I thought about never getting married. I thought myself toooo self-centered, uncapable of performing the smallest wifely task, and all around a not-very-good person to make someone happy. And I didn't think I was pretty (this goes along with the story).

The other night, the Lord sat me down and had me make a list of all the things I was good at, and generally liked to do.

1. Ride horses

2. Organizing and decorating rooms

3. Photography

4. Culinary Arts

5. Putting together outfits

6. Organizing things in general

7. Clean (no's a nasty habit)

I couldn't get past seven, but He then proceeded to reassure me that I was good at several other things.....of which cannot come to my mind, but I must trust that He knows what He's talking about.

And then He had me write down things that I thought I was not good at or struggled with:

1. Math

2. Generally loving people

3. Math

4. Encouraging people

5. Having compassion on all of humanity

6. Writing

7. Being a good person

8. Science

9. Telling people about all of the good things the Lord has done for me

10. Making people laugh (I don't know where this fits into the equation, but at the time I thought it was important)

11. And, I just wasn't that pretty. A certain fact of life that I thought very important.

The Lord then told me that 1) I wasn't horrible at math, I just had more right-brain inclinations. 2) You love people, silly, just in your own way. 3) Why did you put math twice on your list? 4) You encourage people in things you think they are good at.....but then again, maybe we do need to work in this area a wee bit. 5) Are you kidding me? Do you remember when you left the grocery store crying the other day because you saw an elderly man paying with pennies that he counted out of a rusted Altoid can? 6) No, you are not Ernest Hemingway or King David when it comes to the gift of eloquence, but you have a knack with putting down what you are thinking onto paper, and that my dear, is quite good enough for me. 7) This again? I'm starting to see a pattern here... 8) See question #1 9) I think you do that more than you think you do. 10) Hah! 11) Do you think that I am capable of making something that is not beautiful? I formed you before anyone on this planet had the slightest inclination to think of you. I am beauty. Therefore, whatever My hand touches is beauty. You are beauty.

And then I realized, Oh! First of all, you shouldn't even be thinking about if you will be a good wife and mom, that's a long way off; and second, since you are thinking about it, let's just be realistic.


That's just the truth.

I think I'll be a great mom. And feed my children great food. And dress them in cute clothes. And they will always match.

(Humor me and go along with that last one. Reality, I'm sure, will hit me someday.)

I'm not quite certain why I decided to post this on here, but it reassured me of a whole lot.

Thanks for lending an ear :)

And for those of you who have any doubts yourselves, let me make one thing clear: YOU. ARE. AMAZING.



Beautifully Veiled said...

I think you are going to be an absolutely amazing mom. And on the very rare days that YOUR kids don't match....I won't laugh. Much anyway.... ;-)
Love bunches,

Anonymous said...

Sweet Post Miss Laura!

I too think you will be a great Moma, because you have a great example!

Hope you and your family are doing good!

Love, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Sweet Precious Girl,
Fret not! God has it all covered!

You are going to be an amazing wife and mom!

You know, when I think back to my younger years (wayyyy back then :), I can remember thinking similar thoughts..... How, oh, how, would I ever be able to handle it all???

All I can tell you is that God works it all out. In His perfect timing! And when it's right, it happens! And it's seamless! Everything just falls into place.

You are a beautiful young woman. Inside and out. But the most important, beautiful thing is that the Light and Love of God shines through you brightly. Remember's your best asset!

Cling to Him! And always trust that He will guide your steps. God does not make any mistakes <3

Love you.


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