Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12 NIV

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 2....(I've made it this far! Whew!)

Okay, I did not forget!!! Yay me. Everyone out there reading this blog quit whatever you are doing and applause. No, I'm not kidding. :)

Here it is, my day 2 of skirts and dresses. Hold your breath...

Plum shirt from JCPenney

Black and White homemade skirt ;D

Black and Gray flats from Rack Room

Love Love Love,


Lisa said...

Lovely, feminine, modest and oh so cute...once again!

Erika said...

very nice!! I like it all! I almost wore a black and white skirt today too.

My 7.5 year old daughter really likes your outfit, especially your headband. She wanted me to tell you that you look really pretty and that she thinks she'll look like you when she's a teenager (and I hope she does). I really enjoy showing her your pictures so she can see how lovely a girl can look without wearing a short skirt or tight pants (besides just her mama telling her). thank you for sharing.

Laura Lee said...

Thanks, Lisa! Always love your encouragement. :)

Awwww!!! Erika, that is so sweet. I feel so honored!! Well, tell her that I'm sure she will be absolutely gorgeous when she gets to be my age. ;D

Morgan said...

Your outfit is soo pretty!!! I love this skirt too!


Anonymous said...

Aww you look so cute:) Sorry I did not get on the blog yesterday:( I love your shirt.

Love Amanda


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