Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
1 Timothy 4:12 NIV

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prière, S'il vous plaît

Hello Friends!

On Tuesday I received an email from one of my really good friends Leah, telling me that she was leaving for Haiti the next morning. As you know, conditions down there have been horrific, hundreds of thousands of people have perished, and there are still those trapped under the rubble of fallen buildings. Out of the many friends that I have been honored to have, Leah has been the one who has always been ready to go and do what the Lord has called her to do, no matter the risk. I look up to her greatly, and am always in awe of what she is doing for Him. So, with that, I ask that you would pray for her and pray for God's will over her trip down there, and that He would put in front of her those who need ministering to. Below is a portion of her email, and as you read it, you will see just how much of a jewel in God's Kingdom she is.

"school is great and super easy this semester. yay, finally! i have class on friday and will start working at north side hospital a few times a week for my practicum when i return from haiti. which brings me to another topic...
i am leaving tomorrow to go to haiti to work with a medical team from a dominican church i am connected with! i will be gone for a week. i would like to ask you to pray for our safety but i know i should ask for you to pray that God's will will be done in every moment i spend there and that He will be glorified in every word and deed of our team. my pastor and an elder just spent over a week there with some dominican doctors. our church (with some partners) started a project called redeem haiti last year and this earthquake has really changed and propelled that effort.the website is and you can read spencer's blogs from his trip and i will be spending emails for him to blog while i am gone. i have been itching to go for weeks so i am SO excited! we will be "camping" (not the way we do in the US) at a christian school that was undamaged that will serves as their mission base. i am praying have i strength and a good attitude even though i won't be showering, etc. eating rice and beans once a day and cliff bars and fruit leathers in between! yum, i love warm bottled water! ha
my mom is a worrying about me going, my dad is confident that God is calling me exactly where He wants me to be, even if that means not living with my dad forever! haha so be praying for them as i am gone."

Thank you so so much,

Pray pray pray! <3

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Anonymous said...

I'll be praying, Laura. :)
Wish her the best of luck for me, okie dokie? =D



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